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Group Lessons Schedule

Tuesday and Thursday - 8-9 pm ( $10 /person)

Attendees choice

People vote for the dances we teach for that class

Friday - 8-9 pm ($10 /person)

These lessons are pre-planned (see box below)

Friday 9-11 pm

Practice dance

($10 /person if you do not attend the 8 pm group)



Private Lesson Programs begin at $24.50 / lesson for four weeks at a time 
* The beginning price refers to a single person couple cost are slightly more

Private lesson Programs

 4 -1/2 hour lesson per month

  4-3/4 hour lessons per month

4- 1 hour lessons per month


* A month is a four week period beginning anytime

Schedule for Friday night Classes for 2019
  Jan - Foxtrot,Rumba,Swing,Salsa/Mambo

  Feb - Tango,Waltz,ChaCha,Bolero

  Mar - Foxtrot,Rumba,Swing,Salsa/Mambo

  Apr  - Tango,Waltz,ChaCha,Bolero

  May - Foxtrot,Rumba,Swing,Salsa/Mambo

  Jun  - Tango,Waltz,ChaCha,Bolero

  Jul   - Foxtrot,Rumba,Swing,Salsa/Mambo

  Aug  - Tango,Waltz,ChaCha,Bolero

  Sep  - Foxtrot,Rumba,Swing,Salsa/Mambo

  Oct   - Tango, Waltz, ChaCha. Bolero

  Nov -  Foxtrot,Rumba,Swing,Salsa/Mambo

  Dec -  Tango , Waltz, ChaCha, Bolero

  There are up to five skill levels taught on 

  Friday nights and up to twelve skill levels       taught on Tuesdays and Thursdays 


For More Info

Phone: (912) 356-3623 or (912) 356-DNCE

E-mail : butterflyballroom@att.net

Facebook: A&I Butterfly Ballroom and Dance Training Center (school page)

                 (There is also a group page for friends and students by the same name above)

Address: 7215 Seawright Drive

              Savannah, GA - 31406

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